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Welcome to the Career Pages at Meenakshi. Eventually in life, the secret to success is to play a role bigger than the one you have imagined. At Meenakshi, the role can become bigger than you or you can become bigger than the role! We believe that work should fuel your ambitions, not limit them.

Meenakshi Energy Pvt. Ltd believes in achieving organizational excellence through Human Resources and follows "People First" approach to leverage the potential of its employees to fulfill its business plans. Human Resources Function has formulated an integrated HR strategy which rests on four building blocks of HR viz. Competence building, Commitment building, Culture building and Systems building. All HR initiatives are undertaken within this broad framework to actualize the HR Vision of "enabling the employees to be a family of committed world class professionals making Meenakshi Energy Pvt. Ltd a learning organization.

The proposed strength of staff-category employees at corporate and project site are 220, besides workmen after commissioning the project.

We induct talent and groom power professionals “Executive Trainee” in the disciplines of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and control, HR and finance disciplines also. We also recruit middle and senior level management executives with relevant experience in various disciplines.

As part of post employment training and development opportunities, a systematic Training plan has been formulated for ensuring minimum seven man days training per employee per year and includes level-wise planned intervention designed to groom people for assuming positions of higher responsibility, as well as specific need-based interventions based on scientific Training Needs Analysis.

Management also believes in imparting implant and outside training for it employees as per required from time to time to improve the skills in various areas of function.

Demonstrating its high concern for people, Meenakshi has developed strong employee welfare, health & well-being and social security systems leading to high level of commitment.

If you belief you have the right qualification, skill, experience and attitude, please fill in your profile in our application page or

email to: career@meenakshienergy.com

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